From weddings, corporate events, private parties to trade shows and Childrens Shows, Germar will provide the best magic ever witnessed!



In this case, Germar is hired to perform close-up magic for small groups of people at a table or before anyone proceeds to the dining. His Close-up act has won many awards and will leave your guests talking about it for years to come. He will spend between 3 to 5 minutes with each group of people.


Private Parties


His Award winning stage show starts with a 7 minute musical act that includes dove productions, card manipulations and great music.


The second part of the act, is full of serious comedy, magic and fun. Germar, uses all kinds of props and routines never before seen in the USA that will add that special suspense and clean comedy to the act.


His show is very fast and funny with lots of energy and intense audience participation.


Corporate Events


Germar provides a variety of options for your corporate event or company party depending on your specific requirements. 

Germar will script and professionally stage each performance, but most important, will create a family atmosphere that will make everyone feel at home.

Because of his 15 years of experience, Germar will be able to create an atmosphere of an intimate family gathering and will facilitate bonding among employees as the host of your next corporate event.


Trade Shows


Germar, specializes in corporate marketing and he can attract more people to your booth and deliver your message in a fun and exciting way. With the Magic and Experience of Germar with your company will:







Even with a great location, you still will need something unique and special that will make people want to stop at your booth.




Germar is able to travel any place in the world if given enough time to accommodate his busy schedule


Childrens Shows


Germar, has absolutely incredible and fun magic show that is perfect for children. During his children shows, he creates animal shaped balloons and the child who is the host of the party will be special during the performance.


In each childrens show, GERMAR will:

  • Produce live birds

  • Will use between 7-8 children as assistants.

  • At the end of the show, 3 children will be holding an empty hat and then...a cute little rabbit will appear.

  • He will perform over 30 different effects.


He is specifically talented in dealing with small children and provides all the setups for his performances, including the audio system. 


Make your party something to remember.


Your children will be delighted with an incredible magic show full of audience participation and fun!

Germar's humor will make you laugh

while his magic will make you wonder! 


925 798 5664


1430 Ryder St 

Vallejo Ca 94590